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TSHS is an equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of hot air dryers. It has many years of experience in industry dryer production, sales, and customization. We have always provided high-quality global pre-sales and after-sales services, and are committed to providing high-quality large-scale continuous drying equipment.

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Industrial Food & Chemical Dryer Manufacturer-Tsung Hsing
Trust TSHS's 58 Years Of Experience For Exceptional Products And Services That Will Elevate Your Success.
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Customized Drying Cassava Chip Production Line-Super Premium Dryer (Nigeria)

The reason why customers final purchase large conveyor dryer machine by Tsung Hsing(TSHS) and keep maintaining a great cooperative relationship with us until now. TSHS is an equipment manufacturer of industrial belt dryer machines. During the customized dryers for African customers, TSHS’s R&D team and technical team through the hundreds of communication and discuss about dryer machine structure, components purchased and design

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Solve the difficulty of cleaning rice cracker drying equipment

In the food manufacturing industry, compliance with food health and safety is extremely important; the equipment cleaning and environmental hygiene have become top priorities. A well-known rice cracker manufacturer in Thailand faced the problem that baking equipment was not easy to clean, which affected production efficiency. Our team was invited to provide them with solutions for automatic equipment cleaning and productivity improvement.

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