About TSHS

TSHS is an equipment manufacturer specializing in producing hot air dryers with the experience in production, sales and customization for many years. We consistently provide high-quality global pre-sales and after-sales services and are dedicated to providing high-quality, large-scale continuous drying equipment. Through non-stop innovative R&D, we are capable to provide the planning of comprehensive hot air circulation drying system; with the confidence that in the process of continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, we will provide customers with better products and services, and work hand in hand with customers to create the best.

TSHS Hot Air Dryer Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier
Core Value

TSHS's goal is to build "TSHS" into an iconic brand in the global machinery manufacturing industry, aiming to represent the core concepts of Trust, Specialty, High-quality and Safety. We supply exclusive design of hot air circulation and customization services on professional drying equipment to solve customers' demands for moisture removal in drying, dehydration, dehumidification, frying and baking, etc. By holding the corporate spirit of "specializing in technology and quality", we output comprehensive drying solutions and whole-plant planning for various industries, and are dedicated to helping customers in realizing their drying demands.

Core Value|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
Professional Team

TSHS is a team associated with certain experienced and skilled professionals. We hold the company vision of "strive to achieve customer trust and honor commitments". To implement the company spirit, TSHS has established open and equal communication channels, encourages teamwork, and consistently improves its R&D capabilities to meet the changing demands of market. The following demonstrates the TSHS team organization chart:

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