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Combining microwave technology with the food industry can effectively optimize process time and improve quality. Our microwave rice cake production process is highly efficient and energy-saving: First, the rice cake is placed in a microwave-specific container; then, the industrial microwave technology is used for shaping. This not only ensures the shape integrity of the rice cake, but also preserves the texture and flavor. We are dedicated to providing excellent solutions for your rice cake production process, ensuring that customer's products receive the best evaluation in the market.

Diversified product applications

In addition to rice cake, our microwave technology is also suitable for shaping, thawing and melting a variety of foods, such as pastries, rice, chocolate and other special traditional snacks, and even in other industries such as thermoplastic materials, plastic product shaping, and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, our microwave technology can be applied widely in many different fields.

It should be noted that the suitability for microwave heating depends on the product's composition, viscosity, size and desired final shape. Therefore, before using microwave heating for styling, the characteristics of the product must be carefully evaluated to ensure that the product is suitable for microwave heating.

Innovative idea in industrial microwave application
Rapid production
Microwave technology can quickly heat rice cake, shorten the production cycle and increase production capacity.
High efficiency and energy saving
Microwave drying is faster and can reduce energy consumption compared with traditional methods.
Uniform drying
Ensuring that the rice cake is heated evenly throughout the drying process to avoid local overheating or over-drying.
Notes to be taken when heating rice cake in the microwave

Choose the appropriate microwave power: Appropriate power ensures that the rice cake dries evenly and does not burn.
Set the correct drying time: Too long/short a time will affect the texture of the rice cake.
Use a special container: Use a container specifically designed for microwave drying to ensure the best results.

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We understand various problems that may occur during the microwave drying process, such as uneven heating inside the rice cake, and burnt surface, etc. Our technical team has developed a range of solutions to help you overcome these challenges and ensure that your products are of the highest quality.

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