Service Flow
Service Flow of TSHS Industrial Drying & Dehydration Equipment
Provide you with professional product manufacturing and comprehensive after-sales service!

TSHS's service flow is very comprehensive. From consultative advice to after-sales warranty, every link is inspected and implemented one by one to ensure that customers can get the most satisfactory products and services.

TSHS technical engineers and customer service team always maintain close contact with customers. No matter you are a large enterprise or a small factory, we will carefully produce the highest quality products and provide the most complete after-sales service to you. We look forward to co-developing and cooperating with you to fully realize your product and project goals!

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TSHS not only focuses on product innovation and professionalism, it also pays attention to establish long-term, mutually trusting cooperative relationships with customers. In order to ensure that we can continue to provide customers with the best sales experience, we have designed a complete pre-sales and after-sales service flow.

First, in the customer contact stage, the TSHS consulting team will have an in-depth understanding of the customer's specific demanding and expected production capacity; it will invite customers to provide product raw materials. Then, a dedicated person will conduct the respective experimental analysis of product feasibility to ensure that the solution provided by the consulting team is indeed feasible.

Meanwhile, the consulting team begins detailed technical discussions with customer to ensure that both parties agree on the technical details. After confirming the equipment requirements and specifications, TSHS will access the quotation and negotiation stage, and reach an agreement to formally establish the cooperation relationship with a letter of intent signed by both parties.

Next, we will make the mechanical design confirmation. After confirmed, we will start production and in-factory commissioning acceptance test, which is an important step to ensure that the product meets customer production standards and quality expectations.

After completing the above process, we will start the package and delivery and transport the equipment to the customer's designated location. When the equipment arrives at its destination successfully, the TSHS technical engineering team will arrange for installation at customer's factory. After the installation is completed, it will conduct an no-load operation test and loaded production test to ensure that the equipment can operate completely. After detailed testing and adjustments, we finally proceed to the customer acceptance stage and provide after-sales warranty for our products.

TSHS understands the importance of complete pre-sales and after-sales services to customers, so it designs a complete service flow to ensure that customers receive the best quality service from initial contact to daily operations after equipment delivery. Through a professional and systematic sales experience flow, customers' expectations are not only met, it will be exceeded.