Consultation of animal feed drying equipment
Manufacturing of animal feed drying equipment

TSHS specializes in providing high-quality animal feed drying equipment to solve the various drying requirements and challenges. We can provide an animal feed drying process that meets your expectations. The animal feed dryer is mainly aimed at preserving the nutritional value and high quality of feed ingredients. We can also provide customized production line configurations according to customer factory restrictions to design and manufacture the suitable drying equipment for enterprises machinery.

Animal feed manufacturing process

After the feed raw materials are dried and pre-treated, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, etc., can be added according to the required nutritional values. The formula raw materials are evenly mixed and then heated and pressed by a granulator to form a solid granular feed. The newly-made feed pellets are cooled after a high-temperature process. The purpose of the cooling and drying process is to ensure that the moisture content of the feed is within a safe range, extending the available preservation time of the animal feed; finally it enters the quality inspection and packaging steps. The above introduction is the basic process of feed production. The process of specific animal feed production equipment will vary according to the feed type, target animals and factory equipment.

We are eager to work with the industry to develop and explore more possibilities for animal feed dryer equipment. If you have any needs about animal feed drying machinery or want to know more about our animal feed drying technology, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

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Types of animal feed that need to be dried

Common animal-feed raw materials include corn, soybean meal, fish meal, bran, forage, meat and bone meal, feather meal, blood meal, insect protein, linseed oil residue, rapeseed meal, and vegetable oil residue, etc.

Animal feed can be divided into the following categories:

  1. High-protein feed: The high-protein feed provides essential amino acids and protein for animals, suitable for fast-growing animals or stages with higher protein requirements, such as suckling pigs, laying hens or fish fry.
  2. Mixed feed: The mixed feed provides comprehensive nutrition to ensure animals receiving a balanced diet, suitable for a variety of animals to ensure their overall health and productivity.
  3. Special feed: The special feed has nutrients specially formulated for specific animal groups or physiological stages to achieve specific growth effects or health goals, such as specific amino acids or fats in fish, mammals, high-yielding dairy cows or competition animals.

soybean residue|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
soybean residue
corn feed|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
corn feed
wheat bran feed|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
wheat bran feed
wheat bran feed|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
wheat bran feed
feather meal|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
feather meal
animal blood meal|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
animal blood meal
fishmeal|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
insect protein|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
insect protein
forage feed|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
forage feed
flaxseed meal|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
flaxseed meal
vegetable oil meal|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
vegetable oil meal

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