Manpower recruitment
Welcome to join the TSHS team, becoming a drying equipment consultant together!

TSHS is dedicated to creating a comfortable, challenging and interesting work environment. Our team has rich experience and knowledge, helping you to grow and make progress quickly in your work. Meanwhile, the TSHS team provides good training programs and promotion opportunities to help you achieve your personal career goals.

Welfare system
Employee travels, employee uniforms, and employee restaurant

Bonus system
Birthday gifts, gifts for three folk festivals, performance bonuses, license obtaining bonuses, internal competition bonuses, training subsidies, and various subsidy bonuses, etc.

Employee dividends
Employee bonuses and year-end bonuses are directly related to the company's operating performance, team performance, and personal assessment.

Insurance plan
Employee group insurance, health insurance, and labor insurance

Training program
Professional functional training and monthly internal/external employee e training.

Leave and attendance system
Two days off per week and we do not encourage the overtime system. We value the balance between work and life.

Employee communication
Newcomer chats, lunch appointments, monthly/annual meetings, suggestion box as a direct access to the top management, and multiple employee feedback channels.

Health management
Regular health check-ups.

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