Fish shreds whole-plant production line planning and fish shreds baking equipment consultation
Manufacturing of professional bean fish shreds baking drying equipment

As a leading dryer manufacturer in the industry, we specialize in providing efficient and innovative fish shreds baking and drying equipment manufacturing services to ensure that the fish shreds can display perfect color and retain its original flavor and nutritional value during the baking and drying process. Making fish shreds snacks from fresh fish not only increases the shelf life, the baking and drying also helps to better preserve the nutrients in the fish shreds, such as protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Application of fish-shred products

From Malaysia's DAHFA fish shreds and Taiwan's cod shreds to Thailand's Bento squid shreds, there are unique fish snacks all over the world. There are many types of fish shreds on the market, n matter the traditional white fish shreds, sardine shreds, mackerel shreds, or high-end tuna shreds, salmon shreds, and squid shreds, our advanced baking and drying technology can ensure that we can produce products that satisfy the fish shreds products customers are looking forward to.


Fish shreds snack equipment expert
Continuous production
TSHS fish shred production line can connect the front and rear production processes, which not only greatly improves production efficiency, it also ensures the stability of product quality.
Whole factory production line planning
The consulting team will have an in-depth understanding of customers' specific needs and customize the most suitable fish shred production line planning for customers.
Global after-sales service
We promise to provide comprehensive technical support, from equipment maintenance, technical consultation to operational training, to ensure that customer's production line is always in optimal condition.
Notes to be taken in fish shreds baking equipment

During the fish shreds baking process, it is crucial to control temperature and humidity to ensure that the fish shreds does not dry out or lose flavor. At the same time, reasonable baking time is also the key to ensuring the quality of fish shreds.

Cod Fish Shreds|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
Cod fish shreds
Dafa Fish Shreds|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
Dafa fish shreds
Nadori Shreds|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
Nadori shreds
Bento Thai Squid Fillet|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
Bento Thai squid fillet
Squid Shreds|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
Squid shreds
Squid Fillet|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
squid fillet
Fish Snack Crackers|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
fish snack crackers
Sesame Cod Strips|TSHS Food Dryer Equipment Manufacturer
sesame cod strips

Get Started To Discuss Your Needs With Us
We are well aware of the problems that may arise during the baking process of shredded fish, such as uneven temperature and poor taste, etc. Therefore, the equipment we provide is equipped with a PLC central control panel, which can be customized to adjust the equipment functions to ensure the best results for every baking.

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