Consultation of chemical raw material dehydration and drying equipment
Manufacturing of chemical raw material dryers

In the rapid development of the chemical industry, drying technology has become a key step in the manufacturing process. TSHS manufactures drying equipment specially designed for chemical raw materials, which can effectively improve production efficiency and quality stability. We both provide standardized drying equipment and customize dryer solutions according to customer requirements. With many years of experience in drying equipment manufacturing, we are confident that we can help customers achieve the best drying results for chemical raw materials.

Diverse applications of chemical raw materials

Chemical raw materials are chemical substances used in production and research. They can be naturally occurring or synthesized from other substances.
Organic compounds: These raw materials mainly contain carbon and hydrogen, and may also contain elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus.
Inorganic compounds: These compounds include sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, and phosphoric acid, etc.
Minerals: These substances are natural substances extracted from the earth's crust. Such as salt (sodium chloride), limestone (calcium carbonate), and ore (iron oxide, aluminum oxide, etc.).
Polymer substances: Macromolecular substances formed by connecting small molecules. Such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon, and polyester, etc.
Metals and alloys: These materials usually have good electrical conductivity and ductility. Such as aluminum, copper, steel, iron, gold, and copper-nickel alloy, etc.
Natural compounds: Compounds extracted from natural sources. Such as alkaloids (caffeine and nicotine), vegetable oils, essential oils, and natural resins, etc.
Additive: Substances added during the manufacturing process to improve the properties of products. Such as preservatives, softeners, thickeners, pigments, and antioxidants, etc.

The above products are all part of chemical raw materials. In fact, the types and categories of chemical raw materials are very wide, depending on their application in chemistry, industry or other fields.

We are eager to work with the industry to develop and explore more possibilities for chemical raw material dryers. If you have any needs about chemical raw material drying equipment or want to know more about our chemical raw material drying technology, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

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Notes to be taken when heating rice cake in the microwave

Choose the appropriate microwave power: Appropriate power ensures that the rice cake dries evenly and does not burn.
Set the correct drying time: Too long/short a time will affect the texture of the rice cake.
Use a special container: Use a container specifically designed for microwave drying to ensure the best results.

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During the drying process of chemical raw materials, you may encounter problems such as raw material agglomeration, overheating or burning. TSHS's professional team has rich experience and can provide complete solutions and technical support to help you solve the problems of chemical raw material drying equipment.

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