Bean roasting whole-plant production line planning and bean roasting equipment consultation
Manufacturing of professional bean drying, frying and roasting equipment

Beans occupy an irreplaceable position in global food culture; there are strict requirements for the processing and production of commercial beans. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced bean drying and roasting equipment, combining high efficiency and excellent quality. Each equipment is the result of our specialized research to ensure that the beans are perfectly preserved the natural taste, color and nutritional value during the roasting and drying process. As a leader in bean processing, we continue to make R&D and look forward to creating more possibilities in bean processing technology.

Applications of bean products

There are many types of beans: soybeans, black beans, mung beans, red beans, white lentils, peanuts, pinto beans, broad beans, chickpeas, edamame, and coffee beans, etc. Each bean has its own unique flavor and nutritional value, and our dry roasting technology ensures that these characteristics are best preserved.


Benefits of drying beans
Extended storing life
Dried nuts have a longer available preservation time.
Enhance flavor
Through the drying and roasting process, the natural flavor in beans can be better highlighted.
Easy storage and transportation
The volume is reduced after drying, making it easy to package and transport.
Notes to be taken when using bean frying and roasting equipment

Proper Temperature Setting: To prevent scorching or loss of nutrients, the correct temperature is essential.
Even drying: Ensures each bean is heated evenly.
Avoid over-drying: Over-drying can cause beans to lose their natural flavor and texture.

soybeans|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
red beans|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
red beans
mung beans|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
mung beans
black beans|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
black beans
pinto beans|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
pinto beans
broad beans|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
broad beans
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edamame beans
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coffee beans

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We understand the problems customers may encounter when drying and roasting beans, such as uneven heat distribution, over-drying, high shell breakage or color changes. For these reasons, we provide specially designed equipment and technical support to ensure that your bean products are of the best quality.

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Air Flow Jet Cyclone Dryer

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