TSHS provides comprehensive dryer production planning and professional consulting and guidance
Leave the reliable drying solutions to the TSHS consulting team

Before procuring a large industrial dryer, you need to carefully understand the drying conditions of the product, such as product characteristics, size, expected output, drying temperature, drying time, drying method, energy, and target moisture content, etc. These product conditions and equipment requirements will all affect the size, material and functional design of drying equipment.

If inappropriate drying equipment is used, enterprises will most likely have to spend additional time and expense to remedy the problem. In order to reduce unnecessary operating cost, it is recommended that when investing in new products and procuring large-scale drying equipment, enterprise should look for a drying equipment manufacturer with extensive experience in drying, baking, and dehydration equipment to design the most suitable drying method customized dryer for you, making the subsequent production lines smoother.

The services and value that TSHS team can provide to customers
» One-to-one consultation with dedicated personnel

When a customer initially contacts us, TSHS provides one-to-one consulting services making the customer able to get the most considerate advice and support when procuring the drying equipment. TSHS professional team will have an in-depth understanding of customer's product characteristics and provides the most suitable drying equipment and solutions based on customer's expectations and requirements for final products. Consultative consulting services not only provide the procuring direction for drying equipment, it also helps customer solve problems encountered during using the drying equipment, such as equipment maintenance, operation training and technical support.

» Innovative R&D technology

TSHS serves as the national leader in drying equipment and is dedicated to the R&D of innovative technologies; and constantly launching more efficient and intelligent drying equipment to the market. We always believe that innovative R&D, specialized research in technology, and specialized quality are the driving force for the development of industrial dryers. TSHS will continue to invest more manpower and R&D funds to apply more innovative technologies to our drying equipment, providing customers with a unique drying experience.

Contact the TSHS team now to experience the most state-of-the-art, efficient and intelligent drying equipment and feel the charm of innovative drying technology!

» Customized planning proposals

We understand that products in various industries have different applications; the production processes and requirements are unique. Therefore, we provide professional dryer design, communicate with customers on customized mechanical structures, and ensure that letting the drying/dehydration/baking equipment provided meet customer expectations and requirements is our profession and responsibility.

The trust between TSHS and customers is built on professional technology and excellent service. Now let us share with you the reliable customized drying solutions.

» Complete pre-sales and after-sales delivery services

The TSHS team features by complete pre-sales and after-sales delivery services. Pre-sales services include consultancy, experimental analysis on product feasibility, equipment quality management; TSHS also provide high-standard customer acceptance test made by actual loading test of the drying equipment before shipment. In addition, we outsource a professional wooden box nailing and packaging team to ensure the safety of the drying equipment during transportation. When the drying equipment arrives at the customer's factory, TSHS provides on-site installation services and delivery training to help customers understand the knowledge of equipment operation and maintenance.

No matter the pre-sales or after-sales, TSHS provides customers with the best service with a professional attitude. We firmly believe that the integrity of our services is the important factor making our customers trust us. Please feel free to leave your drying section requirements to the TSHS consulting team.

Drying equipment manufacturer with the best quality

TSHS drying consultant team provides a variety of assistance and services, recommending you a suitable all-round dryer based on your budget, and also supports after-sales technical guidance to provide customers with confidence.

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