Consultation of whole plant planning on grain puff production line and expanded grain puff machines
Manufacturing of professional grain puff baking and dryers

Grain puff is an increasingly popular snack these days; the key step in making grain puff is baking. The quality and efficiency of the baking stage directly affect the taste and production capacity of grain puff; therefore, choosing high-quality baking equipment is very important for grain puff foods production factory.

TSHS tunnel ovens have been widely used and recognized in the market, and have successfully brought great benefits and contributions to most grain puff manufacturers. If you are looking for a high-quality baking machine, we sincerely recommend that you choose our tunnel oven equipment to make your products more competitive in the market.


Pursuing excellence in grain puff foods
Achieve efficient automation
It can be matched with front and rear production equipment to achieve continuous production, effectively improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.
Importance of food safety
The entire machine complies with food health regulations; the machinery manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and attention is paid to food production safety at every step.
Successful market verification
Advanced baking technology enables grain puff to be heated evenly and achieve stable quality. We attach great importance to market feedback and verification, and have accumulated successful cases in many countries.
rectangular grain puff|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
rectangular grain puff
cylindrical grain puff|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
cylindrical grain puff
corn starch grain puff|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
corn starch grain puff
grain puff|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
grain puff
spray liquid seasoning grain puff|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
spray liquid seasoning grain puff
sprinkle powder seasoning grain puff|TSHS Dryer Manufacturer
sprinkle powder seasoning grain puff

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TSHS tunnel-type infrared oven has advanced functions that can manually adjust production time and control fire tube switches and other equipment operations according to product requirements. Providing customized baking solutions for various grain puffs to meet different types of grain puff production requirements.

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Tunnel type IR oven|TSHS Manufacturer

Tunnel type IR oven