Solving Ability
Solving Ability|TSHS Industrial Dryer Equipment
TSHS serves as your strategic partner for drying solutions
Comprehensive dehydration solutions

The TSHS team has many years of experience in hot air circulation planning and so far it has provided multi-functional large-scale industrial dryer solutions for customers in more than 30 countries, including high-efficiency drying, dehydration, dehumidification, baking, and sterilization. The TSHS dryer applies an intelligent control system that can instantly monitor the temperature status of production line and send warnings for troubleshooting. If you need dehydration and drying solutions, we will provide professional products and services and try our best to meet your requirements.

Customized equipment planning services

We always take customer demands as our main consideration and provide a variety of customized matching methods to achieve customer goals. Our drying equipment ranges from conveyor, roller, and cyclonic operations to hot air, infrared, and microwave energy options. TSHS can follow product categories, making customized design and configuration to meet the customers’ different demands. Customized R&D with TSHS is not only a specific cooperation with a sole equipment manufacturer; it is a power of owning a strong strategic partner. We are dedicated to stay with our customers and create values and profits together with them to achieve a win-win result.

If you are looking for a customized drying solution, please contact us. TSHS is looking forward to becoming your strategic partner and creating more successful cases along with you.

After-sales Service
After-sales Service|TSHS Industrial Dryer Equipment
Insisting on the commitment of pre-sales/after-sales services; trust starts with services
Feasibility tests and experimental analysis

When a company plans to launch a new product, it is crucial to conduct feasibility testing and experimental analysis. This process can help the R&D Dept. study the possibility of realizing new products. Understanding product risks and potential problems through early feasibility testing can encourage companies to develop more innovative new products.

In the TSHS factory, we provide small drying experimental equipment and test trial chances. After professionals evaluating your demands, we will arrange dedicated time for you to test the products and test runs to ensure that the TSHS equipment meets your actual requirements. As long as the testing products and production parameters are provided to TSHS, a dedicated person will provide you with test and respective data records, and analyze the results to you to help you determine whether the product is possible in production.

If you are looking for feasibility testing and experimental analysis services, contact us and we will be happy to provide necessary support and assistance to satisfy your needs.

Pre-shipment acceptance test and guarantee

Acceptance testing is one of the important key steps to ensure product quality and reliability. TSHS provides pre-shipment equipment acceptance testing services, which ensures that equipment is functioning properly before it is delivered to your facility. Meanwhile, we will check whether all technical specifications meet your conditions, ensuring that your equipment can achieve the expected results and produce finished products that meet your expectations.

Consistent operational training

In addition to providing high-quality hot air circulation dryers, it also needs correct operation and usage of equipment. Therefore, we provide complete equipment operation training program to help you and your team quickly become familiar with and master the equipment operating skills and upgrade the work efficiency and product quality.

Our professional engineers will provide you with comprehensive equipment operation guidance, including basic equipment knowledge, operating procedures, and maintenance, etc. No matter you are a new or experienced operator, we will plan a training program tailored to your demanding. This will help you operate the equipment more easily and ensure the production line stability and efficiency.

R & D Technology
R&D Technology|TSHS Industrial Dryer Equipment
Continuously innovate R&D and specialize in technology to pursue excellence and lead the future

Dryer is the widely used equipment in modern industrial production. It is suitable for many industries such as food, chemical materials, medicine, textile and sterilization. It is crucial to find a reliable dryer manufacturer to jointly develop efficient, smart, safe, and high-quality dewatering and drying solutions.

TSHS is a dryer manufacturer that has been focusing on upgrading dehumidification efficiency, heat recovery rate and production efficiency with over 50 years of equipment manufacturing experience. In 2019, TSHS successfully developed a modular design of a multi-layer conveyor dryer. This design is easy for production line expansion and installation, which can adapt to the needs of various industries, and won’t be limited by site space easily. TSHS has been dedicated to developing products that meet market demands, and focusing on the R&D of intelligent equipment.

Quality Control
Quality Control|TSHS Industrial Dryer Equipment
Strictly implement the production schedule and never compromise on quality
Machine production scheduling with project management, real-time control the production progress

Since 1965, TSHS productivity has kept pace with the times, and has gradually introduced the integration system of diversified electronic management, such as ERP, PDM, CRM, etc., to fully realize material control and production management. After the order is established, an exclusive number will be established; every quality control project will be implemented according to the production line schedule. Strict quality control procedures will be followed from artwork design, parts procurement, component processing, mechanical assembly to quality inspection.

Certified by world-class certificate quality recognitions such as ISO and D-U-N-S® RestrictedTM

TSHS is a dryer manufacturer with the international quality certifications of ISO and DUN & BRADSTREET (D-U-N-S® RestrictedTM). We adhere to strict quality control standards and always sustain excellent quality performance.
ISO is a global quality management standard organized by the International Organization for Standardization. Passing ISO certification is insurance that TSHS's products and services meet international quality standards. meanwhile, TSHS's production SOP is designed and run in compliance with ISO specifications to ensure that the products can meet customer demanding and expectations.

D-U-N-S® RestrictedTM is one of the world's most authoritative quality certification organizations. TSHS has been awarded the quality certification from the D-U-N-S® RestrictedTM, which has proven TSHS's excellent performance and professional capabilities in quality management. The certification of D-U-N-S® RestrictedTM is an affirmation of our consistent upgrading of quality level and an important insurance of gaining competitive advantage in the international market.

As a machinery production expert with international quality certification, TSHS has won the trust and recognition of customers with its excellent quality and excellent services. Once you choose TSHS, you can trust us with your products and investments; TSHS will go all out to provide you products and services with the best quality!