Whole plant planning of meat jerky production line and consultation on drying meat machines
Manufacturing of professional meat drying equipment

In the food manufacturing industry, extending the available preservation time, freshness and nutritional values of meat is a major challenge. The launch of meat dryers provides the best preservation solution. Through TSHS meat dryer, meat drying not only effectively inhibit or kill harmful microorganisms, improve food hygiene and safety, it also will maintain the main nutritional elements, such as protein, vitamins and minerals, without losing them.

Applications of meat products

When the meat is processed by the continuous dryer, it brings consumers a variety of dry meat choices. Common ones around the world include: jerky, bacon, biltong, bresaola, pemmican, prosciutto, chorizo, and basturma, etc. These dryer-processed meat products do not require refrigeration, making them an excellent food for outdoor activities, camping or long-distance travel. Combining extended preservation, nutritional values and product convenience, meat processed through drying equipment is undoubtedly the most attractive option on the current market.

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The dryer can be designed and manufactured according to customer's needs. No matter it is large-scale industrial production or small manual work, we can provide drying equipment suitable for you.
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From equipment installation, operation training to future maintenance, TSHS has a dedicated team to provide customers with comprehensive technical support.
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Dried meat
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We are the industry's leading manufacturer of meat dryers. Focusing on the innovation of drying technology, TSHS dryers not only provide efficient and uniform drying effects, but also are carefully designed to ensure that each piece of dried meat reaches the best quality. No matter you are a small-to-medium-sized food factory or a large-scale production food factory, we are dedicated to providing the best drying solution for you.

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